The instagram business account allows

The instagram business account allows you to tag products on images and videos. Insert features and show the price. The products for sale on instagram on the company pages are indicat by the shopping bag symbol that appears at the bottom left of the post. When the user clicks on the tag or sticker. He is rirect to the technical sheet. Where there is the price and the link to complete the purchase.

Pinterest is a social network different from others because

Pinterest is a social network different from others special data because it does not aim to create communities but is a platform for sharing content. Scouting for ideas. Images and products which. With the advent of social commerce. Has become a tool for research and inspiration in terms of shopping .Also on pinterest. As on instagram shopping. It is possible to tag products to posts. Which on this platform are call “Pins”. To be view by users.

Social tik tok allows you to create shoppable ads

Tik tok social commerceSocial tik tok allows you to create Data Baseusa USA shoppable ads . Videos that provide direct access to shopify merchants’ online stores. Giving users the ability to make purchases without ever leaving the app. Brands can thus create and manage their promotional campaigns on tik tok directly from the shopify dashboard.In addition to its native intuitive tools. Tik tok offers other features:“1-click” pixel : shopify sellers can track conversions by connecting their tiktok pixel with just one click;One-stop-shop – allows you to create tiktok campaigns in one place;

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