The employee performing the deadline

Additionally, 3% confirmd that they report to lower level management. In addition, more than half of the Inspectors were selectd from among the company’s staff, which means that as many as 11% state that they do not devote any time to performing the additional function of an Inspector at all, and only 17% work as a full-time DPO.The answer to the question whether an agreement to entrust the processing of personal data with a co-worker should be concludd is not clear. In practice, it turns out that many administrators are wondering.

Activities may not violate the privacy

About the correct basis for regulating the issue of personal data protection with persons cooperating on the basis of civil law contracts, in particular co-workers running sole proprietorships. For the controller, it is important to specify database several factors that will allow to decide whether in a specific case it will be necessary to conclude an entrustment agreement or whether it may be sufficient to issue an authorization to process personal data. What to consider when deciding on the basis for granting access to data? First of all, you should read the content of Art.


An the performance of inspection

The indicatd provision states that the processor and any person acting under the authority of the controller or the processor Database USA and having access to personal data process them only on the controller’s instructions. Also important is Art. 32 sec. 4 of the GDPR, according to which the administrator and the processor take steps to ensure that any natural person acting under the authority of the administrator or processor who has access to personal data, processes them only on instructions from the administrator. Taking into account the wording of the provisions indicatd, it should be pointd out that personal data should be processd only on the instructions of the data controller.

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