The CTR in turn determines the

Advertisements Keep in mind the following key points when creating ads: USP in the title; relevance of titles to user search queries; relevance to the landing pages that ads lead to; use of extensions (quick links, clarification, contacts). When creating ads, The CTR in turn determines the consider the following principle: the better the ad is written, the higher the CTR (click-through rate). cost per click on the search. Collection of semantics Semantics for advertising differs from semantics for SEO.

It is better not to use “informational”

keys in advertising, as well as general high-frequency Special Data queries. Before collecting semantics for an online store, determine how “deep” the queries you would like to cover. For example, you are promoting an online store of car parts. You can collect semantics for hot queries, such as: “buy a starter”, “starter store”, “where to buy a starter”, etc. However, to increase relevance, it is recommended to expand towards manufacturers: “buy a starter Mazda”, “buy a starter Mazda 3”, “buy a starter Mazda 3 Sport”.

Increasing the conversion

rate of an online store Conversion is the number of Database USA users who performed an action divided by the number of all users who visited the site and multiplied by 100%. For an online store, a normal conversion is 1.5–2%. If 15–20 people out of 1,000 visitors to the site make purchases, then the store is operating successfully. Let’s look at the main points that are important to pay attention to when filling a website.

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