Take a Look at Your Brand and Existing Products

Your new product will sit alongside others in your range, either now or in the future. So you need a name that will work in harmony with your existing brand and your marketing language. You should also consider how you are received by customers. Imagine your brand and product names written in a catalog or on a review site. They should work together and give the impression of cohesion and strategic planning.

This is about placing

Your new product in context with what’s already there. But instead of customizing your own brand and product line, your goal should be to strengthen the perception that you are offering something fresh and different from your competitors. Look for trends in how your competitors are naming their products, and decide whether you want to target entirely new territory by comparing them, or build on what’s already there to capitalize on recognition among potential customers.

Come up with an idea
This is the fun part! You have many Bulk SMS Poland options here – you can take traditional route ideas and brainstorm using a whiteboard or flipchart. Working as a team is a great way to do this. Capture as many ideas as you can, being careful not to get sidetracked into discussion or criticism at this stage. Placing your findings from step 1 and step 2 on a projector or screen can help spark ideas.

Another option is to use an online name generator. The service takes your input about your product and brand and generates lots of potential names, all automatically generated. The majority won’t work for you, but you might find some gems in there to add to your testing list.

Test your idea

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Once you have a few candidate product names 15 is a good max to aim for it is important to do some qualitative analysis to find out how your target audience is responding to them. Getting feedback from a wide variety of people is a key step in the product naming process, and can save you many extra steps in the future. When designing your product name testing survey, it’s a good idea to ask about:

How to determine product names that Database USA captivate the market
Your results should show you the top names overall and in each category. Your analysis of individual names will include sentiment, as well as important data about the likelihood that consumers will buy your product.

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