Tags and Also Spaces in Unnecessary Coding

Optimize your images
Actually, on most websites, more than half of the hosting bandwidth usage is consumed by image files. So, doing image optimization is the best way to reduce server load and also save bandwidth that you use on the server. The way to optimize the images used for your website is to reduce the size of the image, try to be under 200kb in size.

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We recommend not using a bitmap file (.Bmp) so you need to replace it with a jpeg file (.Jpg). Then, you can reduce the resolution by 20% on the image that you will upload later.

Hosting bandwidth

Compress your css components using shorthand css properties
Actually, css files can be very large, of course with lots of space and useless breaks. You can also use “Shorthand css properties” which can be used to reduce the amount of code in a css document. The result of compressing the css code will of course make the download time faster and editing easier. Css code will actually consume more bandwidth. So to save, you can write code on the website inline.

Removing html code,
You can actually compress the size of the Bulk SMS Iran pages on your website by removing unnecessary white spaces in the html file. You can also delete comments, because actually each additional character is the same as increasing the bandwidth consumption on the page when it loads. All html code, tags and spaces don’t actually have a function on a website so it will add to the load on your server.

Turn off hotlinks files

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Hot linking is a way to link images or downloads from your website to other websites. So, basically the images on your website and other websites are just linking image tags to your website, therefore stealing your bandwidth. If other people “Hotlink” your image files, they will use up your hosting bandwidth, so you have to pay and it is very detrimental.

Hosting bandwidth

Hosting bandwidth is indeed an important parameter Database USA in a traffic data transfer process on a website. So if likened to a highway and a car, bandwidth can function as a road, while data transfer is a car. So, if the speed of movement of data transfer will depend on the size of the bandwidth. You can also see the hosting bandwidth specifications that come from the web hosting package that you purchased before. Through the official website page of the hosting service provider and also through cpanel.

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