What is the profile of the Italian managed IT service provider?

Do you deal with manag it services? Don’t worry , both answers are fine: if you are an msp , what you will read . Shortly concerns you directly; if, however, you are still wondering.  Whether to abandon the break-fix model on the motorway .  What you read could give you the right push to take flight. But let’s go in order. For the third consecutive year ahab has decid to conduct a survey to analyze the state of msps in italy . The reason? This business model is now a consolidat reality both in the unit states and in europe. 

The dimensions

But in our country who are the msps? What do they do and what habits do they have? How much do they bill and what services do they provide? We want to answer these and many.  Other new data questions, so as to give an impartial and complete snapshot. That highlights the trends , challenges and ongoing evolutions of italian msps. All this with an eye to the future , thanks to the collection of concrete and reliable data . There are over 160 companies involv.  This year: the picture obtain on msps in italy is more precise and truthful than ever. In addition to insights into the services . Provid, prices and challenges that msps face day after day.  There is no shortage of demographic and scenario data. 

The sectors of expertise

 The trend the report highlights . Several crucial aspects that smes ne to address, for example: digital transformation . Complex mobility and connectivity , security and . Remote working , data protection and compliance , and then . Again Database USA cloud deployments, backups and disaster recovery and we could go on and on. In light of these ongoing trends, brought even.  More to the fore by the covid-19 emergency, there are many . Areas in which small and mium-siz italian businesses ne it support. Consequently, the challenges that manag service providers . Are call upon to face are even more numerous, deploying . Diversifi skills and value services. Desire for growth , 

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