Over posting on social networks understand the concept 

Over posting on social networks: understand the concept and learn how to avoid it Caroline By Caroline Berticelli. The so-called over posting can become the nightmare of any brand. That wants to get engagement and grow on social networks. For this it is enough for the responsible professional to ‘lose his hand. When thinking about the frequency of posts and setting up. The editorial schedule of guidelines. But do you know what that word means. The expression arose from the popularization of the term “ oversharing. Which is formed from the junction of two words of English origin, where “over” means “excess” and “sharing” means sharing. In this sense, in literal translation over posting can be understood as over posting . over posting effect As we know everything that is too much. Can be annoying and the same happens with users of social networks, that is, when they are bombarded.

With posts from the same profile

They tend to stop following and interacting with the brand . Also people often lose interest over what becomes too habitual. Research has Canada Mobile Number List already proven that social network users do not like. To find their feeds with multiple posts from the same brand and, worse. They even see this type of behavior as spam . over posting emails in a man’s head Over posting is seen by users as spam on social media (Photo: Pixabay) Not to mention that people will not like five publications from the same profile on the same day, so, in addition to everything, the brand will still be sharing the likes between its posts . Which for the algorithms means little engagement, that is, a profile that is not interesting to be distributed to other users. Therefore, over posting is the effect that a profile that publishes too much on social networks.


Has on people the consequences

Of this are not good at all and require a lot of work to reverse the situation after the damage has already been done. We can cite as damages of Database USA excessive posts : many impressions low engagement reduced range Loss of fans and followers Also read: How to set up a perfect social media plan for your brand smarter social networks You have to understand that social media algorithms like Facebook and Instagram have been constantly evolving. In the beginning, these platforms distributed content according to the pace of posts of a profile. Which means that those who posted more, were more seen and more distributed in the timelines of fans and friends. However, with the updates of these algorithms and with the growing number of users and content generated on the networks, this way of working fell to the ground and decimated the old.

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