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Developing strategies at this scale of detail allows you to capture customers at different stages of the purchasing journey . No contact is lost! This fragment is a lot easier to read and more engaging. Shorter sentences make it easier to get your message across. And make no mistake: this is true for more advanced readers as well. We’ve lost count of the number of people who have ignored our advice because they are “writing for a sophisticated audience”. It doesn’t matter. Clear and concise writing benefits everyone. Your content can be as complex as you want it to be. Your writing shouldn’t. Period. Nubank tone of voice Bas on a positive and extrovert vocabulary.

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Which forces a common intimacy for young people (but which is serious when necessary), the brand grabb a piece of the very little explor market and became Leads to the what it is. Burger King Burger King did a similar thing: it decid to new database simplify prices, reach a more popular audience , but offering a “gourmet” experience. Burger King tone of voice The process of achieving such an assertive and stylish (but affordable) personality l to the creation of an objective, cool and North American tone of voice.

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The result is millions of original, well-packag and delicious menu items sold at affordable prices every day! Dove As a final example, Dove adds to this team of effective and personaliz communication. The dove symbol on a soap with a milk Data Baseusa appearance and a sweet aroma became a favorite among Brazilian women and dominat the market with a sensitive but anti-fragile communication at the same time. Dove tone of voice Stories of empowerment and overcoming are told in posts, videos and commercials in the most different types of mia.

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