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Andy Crestodina is the co-founder and CMO of Orbit Mia. He\s an international top-rat keynote speaker and the author of Content Chemistry The Illustrat Guide to Content Marketing. You can find Andy on LinkInOpens a new window and TwitterOpens a new window. SHARE Ne to improve your YouTube ads workflow Want to produce video ads and optimize campaigns faster In this article youll learn how to use Googles Ads Creative Studio to create and manage multiple versions of YouTube video ads. How to Create YouTube Video Ads

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Mia Examiner Why Should Marketers Know About Google Ads Creative Studio First launch in 2021 Ads Creative Studio is a native Google Ads offering thats free to use. Initially available to Display & Video 360 customers business database and select advertisers only the platform has been available to all Google Ads advertisers since late 2022. Design for creative teams and agencies managing clients the platforms biggest strengths are its tools for planning campaigns and iterating assets. When pair with Google Ads itor this dashboard can

Seriously streamline

The ad creation process. For example if your team spends a lot of time producing multiple versions of a single video Ads Creative Studio can save you several steps. It lets you mark video ad elements as swappable—and then makes it easy to design different iterations Database USA quickly. You can swap out anything from images to text to sound and create hundrs of iterations bas on your rules. As useful as the platform already is during Google Marketing Live 2023 Google announc plans to expand its capabilities in the near future.

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