Understand what storytelling is once

Understand what storytelling is once and for all Caroline By Caroline Berticelli. Do you know what storytelling is and how this practice can be a great ally of your brand on social media. First understand that storytelling is the art of using screenwriters’ and writers’ techniques to make writing captivating, that is, transforming messages into something that catches readers’ attention. Unique content creates connection, identification and stirs the audience’s emotions. On social networks, this is a resource capable of enchanting and engaging the audience, which makes the profile stand out among so many others and humanizes the brand . What is storytelling in brand identification Christian Salmon explains in the book ‘Storytelling: The machine to manufacture stories and format the minds’ that “people do not buy products, but the stories that these products represent. They also don’t buy brands, but the myths and archetypes that the brand symbolizes the author’s.

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Of generating this identification between the target audience and the brand, and points to storytelling as a good way to achieve these goals. For him Brazil Mobile Number List the main elements of a well-told story are: The definition of the message to be transmitted The setting (every event needs a place) A strong character who goes on a journey and the challenge that motivates him It is important to emphasize that as the contents are more dynamic in social networks, the resource can be applied in a simpler way. Storytelling involves the user with publications made on social networks. (Photo: Buro Millennial/Pexels) Also read: How to set up a perfect social media plan for your brand example on networks A good example of the use of storytelling is the #ShowUs campaign made by the Dove brand in 2019, which lasted about a year at the time Dove.


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Stock library of real women, after research showed that approximately 70% of women did not feel represented by media images. Read also Database USA Learn how to choose an editorial line for your brand And, for social media storytelling , Dove shared each woman’s photo and story. What promoted identification and created a true community. Want to impact your audience on social media. The Digital Nest can help you! Fill in the information below and we will contact you. How to do a storytelling on Instagram As we have already mentioned, the process of creating a good story involves character, environment, conflict/challenge and the message you want to convey. If well constructed, the message can even be about a general knowledge topic, because the content will be different if approached from the unique perspective of the protagonist. Message To use storytelling on Instagram , first gather as much.

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