How to Restore Data From Cpanel

Restore data is a feature that can help you restore files that have been backed up before. File restore will later match the conditions when you back up data so that it can help you if something you don’t want happens. All you need to prepare is the backup file that was done before. In order to make it easier for you to carry out restore activities on your website.
The following are the steps on how to restore website data via cpanel :

You can go to cpanel to be able to access your website account

For example with “yourdomain.Com/cpanel”
After entering, look at the files section, and click backup wizard.
Actually, there are several processes that you can do if you are going to restore your website. You can choose restore.
Next, choose the type of restore that you did before according to the name of your backup file. (home directory, my sql database, and email forward / filter).
Then, choose your backup file. Click “Upload” so you can start the restore process that you will do.
The system will automatically carry out the Bulk SMS Germany restore process on your website. Wait for it to finish.
Actually, in carrying out a restore process, you do need a few moments to get the results. You can also make regular backups so you can ensure the security of your data and website information.

Restore data

How to backup and restore website data through cpanel
Website backups
A website really needs to be backed up, especially in order to avoid unwanted events that can make your website inaccessible or even lose data.

On the main page of your cpanel

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Go to the files section and then select “backup wizard”
Later, there will be two options that you can choose, namely backup and restore. Because in this way is the way to backup so, choose on backup.
Click the “full backup” button so you can continue the process.
On this full backup page, you only need to Database USA enter the destination where the website data backup that you have will be placed. Is it to the home directory, ftp server or it could be to your email address. If so, you can click on the “Generate backup” button.
Wait for the process to finish. The backup process usually takes a long time. And it depends on the size of the data files contained on your website. Furthermore, you will also receive a notification that the backup process is complete via email. There is a “go back” button so you can return to the previous page. However, you also don’t need to worry because this will not cancel the ongoing backup process.

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