How to Determine Product Names That Captivate the Market

Because not just any name will be used. Your product name should fit within your broader brand name umbrella while telling consumers a unique story of their own. It also has to be easy to remember, findable (especially on social media), unique, understandable, and relevant.

How to determine product names

1 what makes a good product name and how will you know when you find it?
2 specifies the name of the product must have
3 role determines the name of your product
4 how to determine the product name
5 conclusion
What makes a good product name and how will you know when you find one?
Here’s our guide to choosing a great name, perfecting your ideas and avoiding common product naming mistakes.

There’s no question that a product name can make or break a launch. No matter how innovative your new offering is, a clunky or confusing product name can turn off potential customers. And while that won’t make a mediocre product any better, a great name is a big part of what makes a good product work.

The proper name can be:

Make your product more effective
Provides information about Bulk SMS Romania features and benefits
Generate positive sentiment towards your brand
Help you stand out from competitors
Create a platform to develop and expand your product range
Specifies the name of the product must have
Brand synergy: make sure your product name aligns with your brand identity and overall strategy.
Resonance: your product name should resonate with your ideal customer, evoking a desired feeling, perception or impression.
Scalability: think long term. Do you see this as a standalone product or if successful, can it grow into a larger product line? If you envision the latter, you’ll want to consider it when choosing a name.
Visibility: if people can’t easily find and search for your product online, consider it dead on arrival.
Distinctiveness: competition will be fierce. You want a name that will make your product stand out from the crowd.
Longevity: don’t be tempted to use the latest fad as inspiration for your new product name. Ask yourself, “Will this name make sense to people in 20 years?”
Simplicity: sometimes, we misspell something and google knows what we mean and points us in the right direction. But do you really want to leave it to chance? Make sure your product name is not too difficult to spell or pronounce; otherwise, people would have a hard time finding it and talking about it. Make it easy for your audience.
How to determine product names that captivate the market

Role determines the name of your product

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Your product name should sound cool (though not sick), its main task is to drive your ideal customer to buy it, by showing them why it’s the right choice for them.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop and since you carry it around in your backpack all day, being light is the feature that matters most to you, will you go for the macbook pro or the macbook air? There is a clear winner here.

Your product name should also instill confidence Database USA in your brand. This is achieved by consistency. If all your product names sound like iphone, ipad, itunes, and you suddenly launch a new music service called “streamy,” it will sound random and potentially cause your customers to lose faith in the brand.

Lastly, your product name should help your brand generate buzz. You want your name to be the one who turns a general item into something specific.

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