How to Add a Subdomain in Plesk

I have always been a consideration when someone is looking for a hosting provider for their website. Subdomains have a very useful function for the main website. Subdomains are an integral part of the main domain. For example, there is a domain named mydomain.Com. Furthermore, if you want to add a subdomain, say to accommodate all posts, then you need to add a subdomain , say blog.Mydomain.Com. Because you already have the domain namadomainaku.Com, you don’t need to pay additional fees, because the best domain providers always provide additional services in the form of subdomains to their loyal customers. Adding a subdomain can be done in any control panel. One of them is in plesk. So how do you addsubdomains on plesk? Check out the following article.

Subdomain functions

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, subdomains are an integral part of the main website. Even so, subdomains have their own characteristics when compared to the main website. The presence of a subdomain will have a significant impact if you are able to use it properly. Via subdomains, you can create custom pages to explain things apart from the main domain. It’s just that, even though they are separate, generally the information presented is still interconnected with the contents of the main domain.

Like the example above. Blog.Yourdomain.Com Bulk SMS Vietnam is a subdomain created to provide information about anything that becomes add-on content and becomes food for your loyal readers. Another function that is no less useful is that you can share space with business partners or maybe your employees. For that, you can create a special subdomain for these needs. Later, each team member will have a different authorization from what you have. They will have their own username and password.

Emails can also be organized according to separate fields or divisions. For example, admin-related emails would go to [email protected] emails. The same thing happens when there is an incoming email to customer service. The email will go to cs@yourdomain. Subdomains also function to help you remember website addresses that are too long, especially when you create long affiliate links with a variety of special characters that people rarely remember.

How to add a subdomain in plesk

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To be able to add subdomains in plesk, there Database USA are a few steps you’ll need to take. With just a few simple steps, you can add a subdomain on plesk and run it to increase the functionality of your website.

Here’s how to add subdomains in plesk

First step: login to your plesk account
The first step is to first log in to your plesk account. Enter the username and password that you have. If you don’t have plesk hosting yet, you can order cheap hosting with idwebhost’s plesk panel .

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