The importance of typography and new trends

Choosing good fonts for your design texts is a crucial part of any creative process and directly affects its performance. In this article, we’re going to talk a little about the importance of efficient typography and the trends that are currently dominating the creative market. Guys speak more than words As important as the written message is the way it is presented. The font conveys the content and feeling of the message and must be consistent with it. Using a more fun and festive font for a message with a serious tone is completely counterproductive and does not achieve good results. The message must be as clear as the font that demonstrates it. The example on the left demonstrates a much more serious and professional message compared to the one on the right. Even though their content is the same. This association is immediate and unconscious.

The characteristics of good typography Consistency

Use simple, consistent fonts throughout the design. It is not necessary to use an entire library of different types. A font or two is enough to get your message across. Always use the same sizes throughout the various pages of your content. Also avoid changing types in the middle of the text, as this makes reading difficult and visually Taiwan Phone Number Data pollutes the content. Hierarchy Be very clear and defined the types and weights used in titles, subtitles, buttons. Highlights and the like. The hierarchy of the information itself requires this care. What allows the reader to quickly scan your content in search of useful information. The presence of titles and subtitles that are clearly delimited and well spaced from the rest of the text facilitates this process and divides the content into smaller, more pleasant-to-read parts.

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The new trends Scripts

Handwritten fonts are not exactly new and have always had an established place. With the recent efforts of companies to humanize their services more. After that, this type of font has been gaining more and more space in place of traditional typed fonts, giving the text a much friendlier look. Take the example of Plated . The importance of typography and new trends Estonia Phone Number List Watercolors Fonts with a watercolor look bring a light, delicate and colorful look to your content. They help to alleviate the tension present in the traditional black and white pages that we are used to and even improve the user’s mood. They also have a strong appeal to children and women. The importance of typography and new trends Really big or really small.  Showing information in front of the user’s face is a simple approach with great impact. What better way to do this than with a large.

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