Daniel Craig intoxicatingly sways his hips in this comical spot

Daniel Craig monopolizes all the spotlight in the new Belvedere Vodka spot , but he does not do so to imitate the exploits that his “alter ego” James Bond has accustomed us to on the big screen . In the latest advertisement for the LVMH vodka brand, the British actor brings out his most comical (and “dancing”) appearance. After all, the spot bears the signature of New Zealand director Taika Waititi ( Jojo Rabbit ), who gives the production a markedly surreal and humorous patina. The ad opens with an image of Daniel Craig on the Pont Neuf in Paris dressed in an immaculate white suit and posing as a celluloid star would. However, after that first scene the spot completely changes direction and the 007 actor emerges from a car dressed in a leather jacket, a tight black t-shirt and a silver chain around his neck. 

The spot's choreography is by JaQuel Knight

With such an unusual “look” Craig heads swaying his hips towards a luxury hotel , where he continues his frenetic dancing in the elevator, on the industry email list roof and in the reception of the establishment. Once in his room, the actor takes a bottle of Belvedere Vodka from the refrigerator and exclaims “finally. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here “Just go again… be yourself.” A collection of fun outtakes from the filming of the advertisement rounds off Belvedere Vodka’s latest and ambitious production, who has previously worked with renowned artists such as Beyoncé, while the song that soundtracks the ad is performed by Rita Ora (who happens to be Taika Waititi’s wife) and British rapper Giggs.

Next Waititi turns to Craig and blurts out

With its new spot Belvedere Vodka aspires to take a new and unexpected direction in communication with its target audience. Our intention is to explore Database USA creativity to find something unexpected,” explains Gemma Parkinson, global marketing & business development director of Belvedere Vodka. Although Belvedere Vodka had previously appeared in the James Bond films starring Daniel Craig (in Spectre , for example), the brand did not have any contractual relationship with the British performer , who accepted the offer put on the table by the subsidiary. of LVMH at the possibility of working closely with Taika Waititi.

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