Case Studies: The Impact of SEO Consulting on Costs and Profits

Tip: avoid niches with Case Studies too many searches and high. Prices, as they usually have a lot of competition on. Google Once you have a group of ideas you can take two paths. Create small niches to see which one(s) work and continue. Working with them Bet everything on a large niche. These options are not mutually exclusive, but think. About all the resources they entail : time, effort, money. It is very important to know how to manage. Them well so as not to end up with the job half done. Let’s see an example with “bread maker.  profitable amazon niche A priori, it seems that this keyword.

Work and continue Case Studies working with them Bet everything

Could be a candidate for setting up top industry data an Amazon niche. The products have quite a few reviews and comments and the prices are within the range that we consider interesting. Additionally, it belongs to the home and kitchen category, which has a 7% commission. If we do keyword research we see that it has a very good search volume, about 18,100 for the main keyword, but it also has a certain seasonality. niche searches amazon Searches remain stable throughout the year although they experience a rise in March that reaches the highest point in April to decline again in May. 

Good search volume, about 18,100 for the main keyword

Note: taking into account that this increase in searches Data Base USA corresponds to April 2020, when all of Spain was confined at home due to the pandemic, it is surely due to the fever for making bread that overwhelmed many Spaniards at that time. That is to say, it is likely that under other circumstances this spike in searches would not have occurred, but rather they would have remained stable throughout the year. Seasonality may or may not be an inconvenience, depending on how you look at it. There are niches that compensate for months of low sales of a product with niches of another that is sold at that time.

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