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Poorly written URLs Bad URLs Image: URL issues URLs may not strike you as an ideal spot for SEO, but they are. Including underscores, symbols, uppercase letters and Although you may be specific with optimizing numbers can hurt your SEO. Ideally, the memorability of your site is in question if people cannot even tell what your site is about just from the URLs. An example of a poorly written URL is Forgetting mobile With the rise of mobile, you cannot forget mobile and hope to survive; the mobile audience is by far more significant than the desktop audience.


Therefore, Google will always prioritize results


For mobile users before desktop users. Run a mobile-friendly test with Google’s test, and find out whether your platform complies. Remember that the content, design, font, quantity, and quality needs to be served equally for both the mobile and desktop audiences. 22. Incompatibility with browsers Ever Data a site and found that it is incompatible with your browser. This can get very annoying.  for Google as the top search engine, with browsers, it is different. People prefer different browsers, and if you limit them to a specific one, you are losing out on a big audience.


Most people may seem to have a preference


Google Chrome, but the fact that it has not become as dominant a browser as Google is a search engine changes everything. Firefox and Opera come pretty close, and there is, therefore, no need to lock those users out when optimizing for your target audience. 23. Ignoring long-form content For the Iceland Phone Number part, short-form content of below 500 words is the least engaging, in comparison to long-form content. For ranking, the amount of time that people spend on your platform matters. It is a sign that people enjoy being on your platform, and that Google deserves a high ranking.

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